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With independent intellectual property rights of high-tech innovative company

20 years of professional manufacturing sales spark machine

20 years of focus on R & D, production, sales and service as one of the high-tech innovation companies,

Headquartered in Seoul,Korea, it has become an excellent enterprise specializing in the production of EDM machine tools in Korea.


High level and first-class team lead the development of industry

With more than 300 employees and 2 production bases, many sub companies are distributed in Asia.

According to your needs, make the most suitable for your spark machine, let you spend the least money to buy the most suitable high quality equipment


High quality and high standard high requirement

Registered DH trademark patent [6514646]

CE certification, ROSH certification

Through SGS ISO9001:2008 international quality system certification


Meeting customer's non - standard needs

We have more than 20 CNC discharge machining machines to meet the needs of different global mould manufacturers and the pursuit of rapid innovation.


Seeking survival by quality and seeking credit by service

From home appliances to cars,From the ordinary industry to the advanced technology industry, we can see the figure of the Korean electric spark machine,TURBO has become a guarantee of high quality and confidence in mold manufacturing users.


Factory direct selling, after sale guarantee

TURBO has a perfect after-sales service system:Technician to install and debug! Technology and operator docking, to solve any problems in your operation and use process!

TURBO EDM Service hotline:contact us 0769-89259968


TURBO Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. of Dongguan under the Daehan EDM Corporation of China, specializing in the manufacture and sale of the DaeHan spark machine, mirror sparks and electrode fixture, the DaeHan EDM (strain) was established in 1991, sin...

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